New Horizons

Pursuing a dream… and challenging the status quo.  This is a story to follow.
Do you love the majestic waters of the Pacific Northwest?  We do.  Do you love really good food and service?  We do.  We are excited to soon be offering breathtaking views in the Salish Sea, while also serving up hot, fresh, local, and gourmet cuisine, with classy cocktails and locally brewed beer and wine.  We have finalized the purchase of the legendary Island Caper, and now, the fun is just beginning with a full remodel of the boat.  When we are finished it will have brand new paint (this is a huge boat to paint), a fully functional commercial galley, and a world-class interior that will truly make you feel like you are on a classic luxury yacht.  Follow our story on Instagram, Youtube, and right here on the blog section of this site.  Our dream is simple, create the best dinner cruise in the Pacific Northwest.  We will measure our success through the special moments and experiences we create.  Our mission: Showcase the Pacific Northwest, for all of its natural beauty, culture, food, and wonderful people.  Now, its time to roll up our sleeves because this isn’t going to be easy.

Oh, we figure you should know who we are, so….

Internet, meet Kenny McCray, Tom Hofseth, and Xander Eustler pictured below in that order from left to right.  Yes, these three fine amigos are risking it all to answer an age old question… how does one (or three) start a dinner cruise?  And hopefully not, how does one not start a dinner cruise.  I am sure so many of you out there have wondered this very thing, so thankfully you have us.  In actuality, this isn’t your everyday project, so it should get interesting.  Follow this blog and watch the three of us put our heart and soul into creating something special, and fun too.  Because its gotta be fun, that’s why we signed up in the first place.

Getting started.  Here are some of the before photos:

We have since stripped the interior down to the studs in the main dining room. Below you can see Partners Kenny McCray and Tom Hofseth plotting and planning the new layout.  Our layout will be key to creating the right atmosphere, while at the same time allowing for the most seats possible without it feeling crowded.  Who wants to feel like they are stuffed in like sardines when you are trying to enjoy a luxury meal? No no noooo, not on this cruise.

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