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Pacific Northwest CRUISES

We believe that life should be fun, memorable, and meaningful.”

That’s why we are launching a dinner cruise that aims to create exceptional experiences on the water, showcasing the beauty and spirit of the Pacific Northwest through our food and drink excellence, passion for sustainability and desire to entertain and delight our customers, crew and partners.

**Important note**

We are aiming to open by Summer 2021! The Island Caper is getting closer & closer to being ready.

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Episode 1

Raising Caper | Starting a restaurant & bar on a boat

Episode 12

How to make the Perfect Manhattan; + Raising Caper Ep.12 "We need your Help, Support and Good Vibes"

Pushing Through in Times of Uncertainty

Things have certainly changed in this world, and as you might suspect we have been evaluating and adapting to the new world.  We are still pushing forward with finishing the boat; however we’ve lost most of our crew.  As of now, it is just Xander, Pat, Tom, and Kenny to finish the boat, and of course our significant others supporting us. 

After returning from Port Townsend, Wa, we planned on finding additional crew to finish the project, however with COVID-19 along with the fact that funding for our project has been tight, we no longer can afford to hire crew, nor can we hire crew due to the lockdown.  We have the entire Interior of the boat to finish, along with the Galley to install, electrical/lighting, and the walk-in refrigerator to install.  There are countless other systems that need as well. 

Like many dreams, we have to remind ourselves daily why we are doing this… So we can bring something amazing and new to the Pacific Northwest, a new way to experience our beautiful region.  We want to combine our amazing Salish sea views and combine them with locally sourced food, beer, wine, and spirits, with CLASS!  But, you see, these things are never simple, and doing all this requires one thing, human spirit.  We’ve got a lot of it, but somedays it is easy to lose sight of why we started down this journey, and that’s ok.  It is ok to lose heart sometimes, it is inevitable, but what is not ok is giving up and not seeing it through to the end.  We are Pacific Northwest Cruises, and we are going to bring this new and amazing experience to you all.  “We ain’t giving up,” says Xander, “and neither are you.”

If you follow our Youtube Channel, you’ll see there has been a break in episode releases.  That is because we are vastly short handed.  Each episode takes between 40-65 hours to put together, and with how much work is left on the boat, it is very difficult to find the time and motivation to put them out.  Kenny is committed to working on the next episode soon, however, a biweekly release is going to be tough to follow, it will be more like monthly releases. 

It is not looking like we will be opening anytime soon, or even in 2020 given the pandemic.  We are considering opening to small private parties and charters, however we are not likely to be finished refurbishment of the Caper until mid-late summer, fingers crossed. 

More blog posts to come! If you would like to give a helping hand, please contact us, we’d love some volunteers!  Also, if you want to help but cant work or are still under lockdown, please check out our Patreon link at the top of the page!